Are they lacing it with male hormone? In the last two years, five naughty faculty boys at Kansas University have been censured, two for plagiarism, but the rest for fights and shit. A few more of these and KU can field a faculty hockey team.

Captain would definitely be this guy, until recently chair of pharmacology:

[He] used PowerPoint slides at a faculty meeting that featured images of soldiers with guns pointed outward from a circle indicating that those inside the department must protect each other.

We’ve all heard the tired phrase second-strike capability, with which professors titillate themselves while discussing whether colleagues will be able to publish a second book. This is far more stirring morale-wise, with its graphic representation of the relationship between faculty and administration.

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  1. Mike S. Says:

    On an unrelated note but likely of interest to UD, this (finance):
    and this (pharma):

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