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Teach at CSU! We’re gonna be just like Auburn, Penn State, and Chapel Hill!

There was talk about how environmentally friendly the structure would be and how, included among the luxury suites and private boxes, would be recruiting areas, not just for athletic officials, but for department heads who wanted to impress upon potential faculty or students how great the university is.

Faculty recruitment at the proposed new Colorado State football stadium.

Margaret Soltan, June 17, 2012 1:50PM
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2 Responses to “Teach at CSU! We’re gonna be just like Auburn, Penn State, and Chapel Hill!”

  1. Eric the Read Says:

    You know, every now and then I think about donating to CSU, but then stuff like this happens and I start to feel better almost immediately.

  2. david foster Says:

    OT, but since you’ve written a lot about depression and the APA, I thought you’d be interested in this:


    “The APA seems to view loving relationships as the British working class used to view teeth: better not to have any, since they only give you trouble in the end”

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