… took this photo of
UD‘s backyard after
the massive storms
last night.

Click on the image!
Much better view.


We’d just said goodnight to our friends the Elkins (we were arguing about whether voting is irrational and best avoided), and just as they drove away the night sky exploded with wind and lightning. You know that Les UDs live in a small house surrounded by big trees.

As we put away glasses and plates, the wind built to an impossible intensity, and we could hear trees crashing close up. Time to go to the basement.

The lights in the house flickered and everything went black.

Mr UD opened two folding chairs and we sat in the dark (punch line of a Jewish joke), watching the non-stop lightning illuminate our little ground-level windows, and hearing the wind rage and rage and rage. This was something I’d never experienced in Garrett Park.


We’re simply ridiculously lucky that nothing hit our house. The trees even left our lawn furniture alone. Limbs fell just short of the house, just short of the deck.

UD spent this morning cleaning debris from her front yard – lots had fallen there, but nothing she couldn’t move. She had to stop every few minutes to talk to neighbors, who gathered in growing crowds to chat about the damage in town. A scientist here who worked in UD’s father’s lab has apparently lost his house – a tree broke it in half.

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3 Responses to “UD’s Neighbor, Leila…”

  1. roger rego Says:

    global warming and its chaotic weather are upon us

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