… that UD supposes it doesn’t much matter that they’re also footing the bill for three diploma-mill fakes at the University of the District of Columbia.

It’s a case of what UD calls diploma milling — all three professors bought their PhD at the same diploma mill.

Diploma milling happens all the time. Colleagues at schools, in fire and police departments, in the military — all the bureaucracies where you can only get a serious raise if you have an advanced degree — recommend to one another a particular automatic-degree-dispenser. The three UDC professors with bogus degrees all work together, in the department of Criminal Justice, Sociology, and Social Work.

I guess it didn’t occur to them that someone – a reporter, in this instance – might find that coincidence worth pursuing.

Though UD is going to guess that someone inside UDC tipped off the reporter.

That’s usually how it happens. Someone inside the organization is royally pissed that while she worked hard and paid a lot of money for a legitimate degree, colleagues parted with a few thousand dollars and pressed the BUY YOUR PHD NOW!! button on their computer.

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  1. clancy mcgarrett Says:

    this is a maddening story to read. i obtained a real ph.d. thru many years of time at a university and had to leave the field. meanwhile, these frauds enjoyed university living and the respect that comes with being a ‘professor.’

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