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… Zlatko Tesanovic, a Johns Hopkins physics professor who has died, age 55, of a heart attack suffered at Reagan National Airport (he was rushed to the hospital across the street from UD‘s office), sounds as though he was a lot of fun. He lectured in shorts and Hawaiian shirts. His students compiled his sayings.

From his Rate My Professors page:

What makes great people great is not that they’re always great, it’s that they’re sometimes great. Some people are never great. That’s just how it works.

From a student’s webpage:

We use now a piece of trickery…

The problem with liquids is that they are not a gas.

It will be like a light to you in dark rooms in the middle of the night, when you are despairing and everything else has failed you… and you will realize, the Method of Steepest Descents is your only true friend.

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