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Put that slut in a burqa!

[A University of Southampton student] was bewildered when she… flicked through [a university] publication [with her photo in it] and discovered her arms and legs had been covered up using computer software to make the image less revealing.

[The change was] made in deference to conservative cultural sensitivities of prospective students from abroad.

International pupils are a lucrative market for universities, particularly as the number of UK applicants has declined following the recent increase in top-up fees.

The institutions have an added incentive to recruit pupils from abroad as they pay 50 per cent more in fees than those from the UK.

It’s interesting to watch the various evolving photographic technologies here. The choice seems to be between

Erasure (as in Hillary Clinton’s removal from the famous Osama raid photo); and its opposite,

Sheeting (as in draping various amounts of material over pictures of women).

Of course the real solution is right in front of our noses, and it’s practiced by men all over the world.  Never let them out of the house.


Margaret Soltan, August 19, 2012 10:50AM
Posted in: democracy

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