UD has said it again and again on this blog: Go ahead and get your diploma mill degrees, but be sure not to rise too high in the world. UD has even specified how high you can rise before someone actually looks at the shit on your resume.

So. Let’s review:

Teacher, but not superintendent.

Police officer but not captain.

City council member but not mayor.

Mid-level but not chief bureaucrat.

How difficult is this to grasp? With fraudulent degrees, you’ll do fine, the two thousand dollars were well spent, but you’re going to have to spend your life under the radar. You’re not going to be able to rise. When you rise, people start paying attention.

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One Response to ““But Alpert’s promotion three weeks ago to acting captain of the police force of more than 1,700-officers required a more thorough review by the inspector general.””

  1. Jack/OH Says:

    Most folks need a reasonable explanation why the other guy has a clean-fingernails job wearing good suits, and bringing home good folding money. Greater acuity of intellect, greater determination, strength of character, favorable labor market, all that, right? Bro’ Alpert ain’t helping the cause much with his sham degrees.

    If my memory’s okay, a local instructor held a terminal degree from the same diploma mill where Alpert got his. The published account of the instructor’s hiring over faculty objections to his bogus degree, then his eventual dismissal sounded to me big-time ugly. My understanding is that even the professor who insisted on a closer examination of the instructor’s CV was under a cloud for not playing ball with the dean.

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