From Mile High Sports:

A long-time donor to the University of Colorado athletics department entered Folsom Field prior to Thursday night’s latest embarrassment on national television, as the Buffs fell 51-17 to Arizona State.

It just so happened he and his group ran into Phil DiStefano, the chancellor of the University of Colorado-Boulder.

The donor asked DiStefano about [rumored new] facilities.

[The chancellor] asked the long-time supporter if he “[had] $50 million to donate to make it happen.”

When the donor admitted that he would fall significantly short of the absurd total that flew out of the chancellor’s mouth, he [the donor] reminded him that he had donated significantly over the years.

“Donors need to donate to make it happen; if you can get $50 million, we can get the facilities,” he said over his shoulder as he stormed away.

The donor stood in shock, but not before yelling back out to the campus’ leader that his days of donating to the university were now over.

Spending most of your time deciding whether to sell booze in arenas; screaming back and forth about money in public — the august vocation of the American university leader.

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One Response to “You don’t have to look at the career of Gordon Gee to know how big-time sports lends gravitas to university leaders.”

  1. Jack/OH Says:

    I’m a non-prof higher ed friendly. Books are good. But–the most power-drunk/power-mad pieces of shit I’ve met are some Ph. D. administrators and some senior faculty. They seem to have completely given up the scholarly cast of mind for the sake of bureaucratic wire-pulling, money-gathering, etc. They’re a disgrace to the life of the mind and the pleasures of the study.

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