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… is one of this guy’s specializations, but he seems to have flubbed it.

A faculty member at a public university in California, he sent out an email to hundreds of students on campus telling them to vote for

… Proposition 30 [a Jerry Brown tax initiative] and push others to vote for it, while warning of dire consequences if it fails. It also noted that students would receive a $498 tuition reimbursement if the initiative passes.

“The fate of Proposition 30 on the upcoming November ballot will directly affect our university (and our jobs),” said the email from Stromberg, a professor in CSUMB’s Division of Humanities and Communication.

Now there’s a lawsuit against the school, since what this guy did violates California law. You can’t “use … public resources for mass political mailings.”

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  1. Jack/OH Says:

    Er, uh, everyone’s entitled to a mistake, and, maybe, a whopper of a mistake once in a while. But, a prof who pretty much disposes of his field of academic specialization to score political points is likely to get pegged as a fraud by ordinary Joes and legislators. I’m okay with the poli sci guy who’s an ardent Marx scholar, but if his housekeeper is an illegal Guatemalan whom he pays $150 a week to be on call 24/7, well . . . .

    When I was a minor political operative, state office buildings were filled with partisans working the phones to get out the vote. Illegal? Oh, probably.

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