…headlines the Brown University newspaper which, while it’s at it, reminds readers that this is really a kind of beat-goes-on story for Brown’s, uh, very interesting board of trustees:

[Steven] Cohen is not the first Corporation member to come under investigation for potentially unethical financial dealings. Former Corporation fellow Steven Rattner ’74 P’10 P’13 P’15, a former Herald editor-in-chief, was barred from the securities industry for two years in November 2010 as part of a settlement after his private investment firm, Quadrangle Group, was scrutinized for a pay-to-play pension fund scheme.

See but that one’s formerThis one is like get on your pony and ride! Ride your pony! Stay in the saddle! Don’t issue any statements… Just sit there and pray Cohen dodges yet another bullet from the SEC…

Meanwhile, if I were a Brown student, I’d take a look at the rest of the trustees. If the university is comfortable with Cohen, there’s no telling what else you’re going to find, is there?

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