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Update on the College Bowls

It’s behind a New Yorker pay wall, but you might want to part with six bucks to enjoy Jay Martel’s brief Guide to the Top Bowl Games.

Here’s its last paragraph. The rest of the piece is along the same lines.

The E-Z-Does-It Catheter Cotton Bowl

This may be the marquee bowl game, with the undefeated Texas State College of the Pacific Homicidal Maniacs setting their sights on the No. 1-ranked Tallahassee University Khmer Rouge. These two college programs consistently rise to the top of every major statistical category including early-onset Alzheimer’s, so expect a real donnybrook. The media-day disclosure that every player on the Maniacs, except for the placekicker, sustained a concussion last week – even though no game was scheduled – sharply raised the level of anticipation for this clash.

There’s also news on coaches:

Lodi State made news last year by firing the former coach Chet Bracker after three losing seasons and paying him the remaining six million dollars on his contract to leave. This decision raised eyebrows, especially when Bracker came back and had to be paid another twenty-two million dollars to leave again.


UD thanks Jeff.

Margaret Soltan, January 6, 2013 12:42PM
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