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Next Up: Time Card Punching

Big-time athletics enriches the academic setting in so many ways. At North Carolina Chapel Hill

administrators are making surprise inspections in class to make sure courses are actually taking place

because… you know… Julius Nyang’oro and all…

UD‘s advice to UNC Chapel Hill professors: Spruce up and look your best! You only have one chance to make a good first impression.


UD thanks Christopher.

Margaret Soltan, February 28, 2013 4:42PM
Posted in: where the simulacrum ends

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2 Responses to “Next Up: Time Card Punching”

  1. Stephen Karlson Says:

    Next up: mandatory online ethics training.

  2. Contingent Cassandra Says:

    Maybe they could take roll (at least for the athletes) while they’re there.

    I got a bunch of those routine “how are the athletes doing?” emails last week, complete with the request that I fill in “absences” (even though our institution doesn’t technically require attendance; we can, however, grade on “participation,” including participation that’s impossible to accomplish without being physically present). The only problem? A number of these athletes are in my online class, which is entirely asynchronous. Some of them have been meeting biweekly deadlines for activities; some have not. But it’s still a bit hard to figure out what an “absence” would be.

    Fortunately, I don’t have to worry, since I never return those forms anyway. I’ll start doing so when the school puts an equally robust system (including tutors, counselors, etc.) in place supporting all students who work 20 hours a week or so to pay for school. Actually,, we’ve got some pretty good academic and personal support services, but for some reason we need a parallel system just for the athletes. Needless to say, if I were in charge of the budget, that would be the first line to be cut.

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