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Another sports hero at one of America’s biggest sports…



Update: LOL.

UD has started timing the appearance of these articles. How soon after the body has, as it were, begun to go cold, does this get written?

For the purpose of this blog, let’s assume the worst here and examine the landscape of the defensive line with Martin not being a part of it.

I mean yes yes of course he was arrested only a few hours ago for using a gun in the commission of a crime, and he already had a record of bad behavior, but put that aside. How will this affect our win/loss ratio?

The comments at the end of article are, as always, worth reading. They run the familiar gamut: Total denial (he was set up); shocked outraged disgust, and an insistence that he be kicked off the team immediately (I have never seen such behavior from a player on a big-time university football team!); a reminder that even with thugs the team eats shit; polite, tentative questioning of the coach’s recruitment strategies; an admission that a fan had noticed some, er, violent tendencies on the part of the player; immediate shouting down of the fan by other fans who tell him/her that if you don’t like violence don’t watch football…


Another Update:   SPIN IT, BABY! SPIN IT!

Wow. It’s rare that you read such pure unadulterated bathetic shameless spin. All praise to this writer for churning it out so fast and thick and pure.

Margaret Soltan, May 31, 2013 2:51AM
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One Response to “Another sports hero at one of America’s biggest sports…”

  1. theprofessor Says:

    “I came away from my lone one-on-one interview with Martin excited that he used such raw language and had the sort of personality that lends itself well to playing football, especially on defense. I also felt as if he was what we decades ago referred to as “a different sort of cat,” with a lot of junk-yard dog in him.”

    Yet another journalist has had a thrill go up his leg.

    You have to admit that a different sort of cat with a lot of junk-yard dog in him is interesting. I just wish he would stop beating up Mrs. TP’s little dog.

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