How degrading is it to be a professor at West Virginia University?

Well two of the school’s, er, troubled coaches (the predecessor of one of them was Rick Rodriguez of sainted memory) are getting enormous raises on top of their enormous salaries, while because of “a $13 million cut in state funding to the school … tuition [will] be raised and no pay raises [will] be forthcoming for university employees.”

This writer suggests that these wildly overcompensated coaches (neither has won many games lately) “could donate [their raises] for pay raises to university employees,” but you know how that goes. Greed has no limit in the lovely world of big-time university athletics. Reread the Wikipedia page on Rodriguez if you’re in any doubt.

The writer concludes:

The point is, that we have reached a point in time where some independent outside panel should look into the finances of the school and the athletic department, a thorough and comprehensive study that includes all financial areas, including [AD Oliver] Luck’s travel and the dealings over the athletic department’s Tier 3 negotiations, the reseating within the Coliseum and the raise in the required donations for football seats, all of which has stirred up what had been a loyal public.

This entire mess has grown to such proportions and entangles both the university’s finances and the athletic department’s finances, creating a situation where a soccer coach finds a way to get a new locker room built, where a football coach gets a new weight room to go with a raise and a $300,000 retention bonus next year but a math professor can’t get a three percent raise that someone has to come in and work it out.

Well, but you have to keep in mind the nature of the institution. You’re talking about America’s number one party school. Number one! So who’s that someone gonna come in and work it out? A public university doesn’t get to the top of that list without a concerted, statewide effort.

No, as that ridiculous thing, a professor at West Virginia University, you’re in a hopeless situation. UD‘s advice: Seek respectable employment.

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One Response to ““Of course, neither Holgorsen nor Huggins is under any obligation to take the money.””

  1. charlie Says:

    WVU has hit the ignominy trifecta. It’s going broke, the athletic department is out of control, and the students are too drunk to care. But, as in the case of the other WVU university, football is what put the school in the headlines, it is what most interests prospective students.

    Let me say this, if in making you’re decision to attend any university based on how many times their football team is on cable, you are too stupid to be in college.

    If in making you’re decision to attend any university based on how often you can get laid. loaded and drunk, you’re are too stupid to be in college.

    Given that baseline, I would venture to say that over half of current college students are too stupid to be in college.

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