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There’s a potentially very big story emerging out of the University of Louisville (one of the scummiest football factories this blog has covered, by the way), on whose faculty sits Mariusz Z. Ratajczak. Ratajczak has gotten a lot of attention, and a lot of money from the Catholic church, to pursue work on

heretofore unknown stem cells present in adult cells. These tiny cells, he claimed, could perform the same tasks as embryonic stem cells, including tissue regeneration and the miraculous capacity that embryonic stem cells have to mimic other types of cell tissue. Moreover, these VSEL cells, said Ratajczak, could be harvested from adult cells without harming human embryos or relying on them for cell material.

Ratajczak claims to have discovered these cells; but no other scientist has been able to find them, let alone test them in any way. Arthur Caplan writes that Ratajczak’s claim (that “he had found very tiny cells residing in adult cells that behaved just like embryos. Ratajczak said they could develop into all manner of other cells, thereby acting as natural repair kits, given the right conditions and genetic tweaking.”) “must be the product of wishful thinking, or at worst, fraud.”

More detail here.


The University of Louisville hospital has more than its share of problems lately.

Oh, and I forgot all about Robert Felner.

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