… my readers, who regularly send me items of interest on which they think this blog should comment? University Diaries couldn’t do its thing without all of you linking UD to university stuff.

Just in the last couple of days, readers sent me this facility-porn from the University of Oregon; an instance of jesuitical reasoning in the Georgetown University newspaper; strong commentary and – in the comments on the commentary – strong debate on the just-released MIT report in the Aaron Swartz case; and details on growing civil resistance against threats to privacy at Penn State.

As the new academic year begins, UD will – with your help – continue covering and commenting on university stories like these.

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One Response to “Have I said lately how grateful I am to …”

  1. Ani Says:

    We are grateful for your coverage. BTW, you may have covered it, but the decision to let for-profit Grand Canyon University join Division I athletics is rich with material — its former pro basketball-playing coach, the stern/hypocritical reaction by Pac-12 officials, etc.

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