Paul Campos, one of this blog’s heroes, takes note of Southern California Institute of Law (bar pass rate 2012: zero), a shining example of what you get when your state bar will accredit anything.

SCIL has, understandably, sued the bar association for making it post pass rates on its website.

Its complaint also complains about a new requirement that accredited California schools maintain a pass rate of at least forty percent.

Think about it. Your tax money pays for SCIL student loans.


UD thanks Jeremy.

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One Response to ““Amazingly, this place continues to be accredited by the state of California, meaning students there are eligible for federal loans.””

  1. Dave Stone Says:

    The thought of being sued by a school with a 0% pass rate on the bar doesn’t sound especially intimidating. I flash back to a standard high school response to threats: “Oh, I’m SO SCARED.”

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