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“Please don’t compare Vanderbilt to Penn State,” begs a fan…

… but when four heavily recruited football players show up for their first semester and almost immediately team up to rape an unconscious student and photograph themselves doing it (these are the charges), your school has just caught and begun to run with the Penn State pass, and there’s nothing your pleading can do about it.

It’ll be a long carry, in part because Vanderbilt is one of the few remaining morally and academically respectable big-football schools in America, so there’s novelty here. Schadenfreude, too. People from all the dirtbag schools will certainly enjoy smearing shit on clean-as-a-whistle Vandy. And as the trial gets going (if there’s a trial) we’ll get all the Steubenvillesque details.

Yes, Vandy’s new to this, so maybe it thinks dismissing these people from the team and protesting the school’s innocence in the matter (Recruit predators? Us?) will do the trick. Learning curve time.

Margaret Soltan, August 15, 2013 8:40AM
Posted in: sport

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3 Responses to ““Please don’t compare Vanderbilt to Penn State,” begs a fan…”

  1. Jeffrey Boulier Says:

    Not really relevant to this post, but I thought you might like to see this, about laptops in the classroom.


  2. MattF Says:

    Does make me wonder whether Vanderbuilt’s ‘problem’ is that they didn’t expect this to happen, and so don’t have the… um… infrastructural resources to deal with it.

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