The report says the investigative team planned to make public its complete findings on sexual and physical abuse but was directed by a special committee of the Yeshiva board of trustees, “as a result of the pending litigation,” to describe the findings “in summary fashion.”

This direction, as the Yeshiva student newspaper points out, “[casts] doubt on the true independence of the investigation.”


UD decided to pay a visit to those honchos, with their impressive legal delicacy. What manner of man (they’ve recently put some token females on the board), now that it’s lost Bernard Madoff and Ezra Merkin, sits on Yeshiva University’s board of trustees?

UD decided to choose one name on the list and find out all about him. She chose an unusual name because she wanted to be sure she was getting the right guy. She chose Zygmunt Wilf. How many Zygi Wilfs can there be out there?

Here’s the latest, as of August 5, 2013, on Zygi:

[New Jersey Judge Deanne] Wilson found that Zygmunt Wilf, along with his brother, Mark, and their cousin, Leonard, committed fraud, breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty and also violated the state’s civil racketeering statute, or RICO…. Discussing the Wilfs’ misdeeds, Wilson said they failed to meet the “barest minimum” of their responsibilities as business partners. “I do not believe I have seen one single financial statement that is true and accurate…”

Zygi got an honorary doctorate – for “philanthropic values” – from Yeshiva.

Good to know that as Yeshiva University begins the process of dealing with its faculty’s misdeeds, it will have people like Zygi at the controls.

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3 Responses to ““Yeshiva University failed to act on multiple allegations of sexual abuse made by students until 2001, a report by a law firm hired by the institution said Monday. But the report is skimpy on details because Yeshiva honchos directed the firm to publicize its finding only in summary form.””

  1. David Bressler Says:


    Thank you for noticing that the YU position on a lot of these things doesn’t pass a common sense test. It’s a real shame, but should be interesting to see how this plays out.


  2. MattF Says:

    Pick a YU trustee at random, turns out to be a convicted liar and thief. That’s a bit… ahh… disconcerting.

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