tradition; the university itself is clearly proud of it, since after decades of totally pissed vileness it continues to respond with soft words… Continues to set things up on campus to achieve optimal pillaging. They riot when they’ve been sleeping; they riot when they’re awake; they riot when they’ve been bad or good — so let them RIOT for goodness’ sake!

U Mass Amherst is one of those schools which (let’s be honest) knows it would have to shut down if it didn’t admit its cohort, and the U Mass cohort happens to be gangs of alcoholic bullies from the eastern seaboard. Similarly, if Ole Miss systematically shunned Confederacy loyalists with a big thirst, they’d lose a significant chunk of their incoming class. Most universities are dominated by a representative slice of the American pie; U Mass Amherst, Ole Miss, LSU, Clemson, Auburn, Alabama, Cal State Chico … these schools are not. They play the role of the freaks of this blog, the frenzied teetering muttering mad uncles of the American university family. When you give their students guns, as at Oklahoma State, you witness all manner of amazing things.

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6 Responses to “Forming crowds of violent shits is the University of Massachusetts’ most cherished, most venerable…”

  1. charlie Says:

    UD, your list is too heavily SEC weighted. Along with Cal State Chico, youse gotta put Oregon somewhere in that mix. Our home football games are so outta control, that an off duty state LEO was arrested at a game for being a drunk, belligerent ahole. In this state, even the cops are part of the stumbling drunken U of O market segment…

  2. Stephen Karlson Says:

    Massachusetts students might as well riot, or otherwise, celebrate the World Series. It’s not as if their football team is giving reason to riot. Besides, the team plays at the Boston Patriots’ stadium, because the Amherst field has too few seats, not that the team is exactly filling the Patriots’ stadium.

  3. Tenured Radical Says:

    And out of 15 students, TR’s nephew was one. Can you fucking beat it for irony?

  4. Tenured Radical Says:

    I mean 15 arrested.

  5. Tenured Radical Says:

    Students arrested that is.

  6. University Diaries » Training Season for a New U Mass Quarterback Has Begun! Says:

    […] One of America’s most violent universities, with an incredible track record of student rioting, recruits its star players with an eye toward that history and tradition. […]

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