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[A poem made up of phrases from a newspaper article.

For the original article, go here.]



Vaguely Decasyllabic Newspaper Poem

Ancient Herculaneum was chic.

Well-furnished rooms, with views out to the sea.

Mosaic scrolls, monastic libraries.



Unlock the scrolls of Herculaneum!

But the scrolls tend to go to pieces.

The ink is dull black and iridesces.



Some pieces, the eye can make out nothing.

Black lines on a pale grey background,

Black dust of the scroll powdering.



Not all the villa’s scrolls have been unrolled;

The scrolls are tightly wound and creased.

Still…  orphan fragments make a text:



hold power… think… with a moderate force






Fiber; sand; the structure of papyrus…

What further scrolls remain there still?

Early editions of Aeneas…




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