But in the world of big-time sports, who listens to them? What do you think this is, an institution of higher learning?

UD has told you about U Mass (gruesome posts aplenty here), so you aren’t surprised that this absurdity has now fired at great expense their new coach, and will soon hire at great expense another new coach. No one comes to the games, so it’s not clear to whom this activity has any relevance.

Oh yeah. U Mass professors. And I guess students.

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One Response to ““This will no doubt upset professors who ask why $836,000 can be hustled up to pay off a coach with a .083 winning percentage, while academic needs are being run on a budget held together by Scotch tape.””

  1. JND Says:

    Paid for by “external sources.” You have to like that. We see a lot PR fuzz in these kinds of circumstances, but this one is new to me. We’ll see if it catches on and gets used the next time.

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