Nadal has turned down the University of the Balearic Islands doctorate because of the murky controversy to which its angry president alludes.

What possible basis could there be for a faculty and student body hesitating to award an honorary doctorate to a 27 year old who “left conventional schooling after he turned pro at 15″, and who is famous for “his habit of biting the trophies” he wins?

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One Response to “‘[Llorenç] Huguet said criticism about the procedures followed in granting [an honorary doctorate] to the 27-year-old tennis star from the city of Manacor really “masked” the real reason opponents did not want him to receive the honor. The UIB president, however, declined to comment further on why there was opposition to [Rafael] Nadal being honored with the doctorate.’”

  1. adam Says:

    They offered to make me a doctor
    Though I’ve never met with a proctor.
    It was so nice at first,
    But I found myself cursed,
    And I didn’t want to be mocked…er.

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