… the University of Hawaii, which boasts one of the most expensive and most pointless of revenue sports programs (no one comes to the games) in America. Type university hawaii into my search engine for every recent act of the farce, to which we need to add, today, the crazy shit coming from the football coach at the last team practice/press conference. Things were just getting started when the coach saw a local journalist who had written something the coach didn’t like.

The coach screamed at the guy and abruptly cancelled the entire press conference.

Television reporters were interviewing quarterback Taylor Graham when Chow yelled that Reardon was not welcomed at the practice. This morning’s practice, unlike practices during the regular season, was open to the public.

Reardon said he was prepared to leave the grass practice field when Chow began yelling and then ordered a halt to the media’s interviews with players and assistant coaches.

UD loves to follow the careers of these strutting tyrants, these American university football coaches who think they own place because they do. They do own the place.

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