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Despite a worrying outbreak of intelligence about a proposed new football stadium…

… for the University of Nevada Las Vegas —

Several resort industry officials on the UNLV stadium authority board balked at the list of taxes suggested to pay for the stadium. Some questioned why tax dollars are being considered at all.

“I don’t support the use of public funds,” said Paul Chakmak, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Boyd Gaming. “The state and the county have fiscal needs. To prioritize a stadium ahead of those seems like it’s not the right place. We all have to be responsible.”

Kim Sinatra, senior vice president and general counsel for Wynn Resorts, said, “A billion dollars is a lot of money. If we want to spend a billion dollars on UNLV, is it a stadium?

UD is pleased to see that a true understanding of the logic of the university football stadium is still there, and at the very highest levels:

[The university’s president] tied the stadium project to UNLV’s larger aspiration of becoming a top-tier research university…

Margaret Soltan, June 22, 2014 3:20AM
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One Response to “Despite a worrying outbreak of intelligence about a proposed new football stadium…”

  1. Stephen Karlson Says:

    Yes, and what is the status of the internet backbone in the academic departments, or the accession policies of the libraries?

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