These foundations are great. They find $300,000 that somehow couldn’t be found for scholarships and give it to politicians who visit campus for a few hours to hawk a ghosted book and give a speech. Their 30,343-capacity football stadium can’t attract half that, so money that could go to scholarships or something vaguely academic instead goes to buy seats – empty seats, but they’re paid for – in a football stadium.

This – as this post’s category puts it – is where the simulacrum ends. It’s the way simulacral culture eventually ends up infecting even our universities.

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One Response to ““On the metrics for attendance to NMSU football games, Carruthers confirmed that the NMSU Foundation purchased season tickets to meet the requirement of 15,000 fans per game.””

  1. Jack/OH Says:

    Some years back an Ohio educators’ union encouraged its negotiators to regard university-affiliated foundations as the equivalent, I guess, of a second, and only nominally independent, university cashbox. I guess the idea was to counter administrators’ pleas of poverty in collective bargaining. Not sure how that idea worked out.

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