… They got so many good things! Got Gonul Colak.

(Well, his name don’t show up on their finance page, so I guess they ain’t got him anymore.)

Almost got a chiropractic school – the same good ol’ boy who now runs the place backed it big time (he was then a trustee) – but outraged actual scientists on the faculty managed to shut down the idea. Bet it gets a second life, now that the good ol’ boy who backed it runs the whole joint.

On top of all that good stuff, they got the wonderfully named Sanford Lovingood (see his sun-kissed, kinda-ashamed mug shot here), FSU booster club comptroller who has been stealing hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars from fan donations.

Oh, but don’t call it stealing. Lovingood had in mind to pay every penny back:

He told investigators [he] planned to repay the money by willing property that he owned back to the Boosters.

See now once he died and all he was gonna give FSU his, like, his houses and all..

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One Response to “Good ol’ Florida State U…. They just got them a good ol’ boy for prez; they got “Jesus” Jameis Winston for local hero…”

  1. charlie Says:

    All this assembled brain power at that there university, and this is the best they can do in terms of running the joint? Something weird in FL, the flagship, U of Florida, got rid of its Computer Science department, too expensive said the admins, while jacking up the Athletic Department budget by 2.2 million, because they were convinced football was underfunded. Why would anyone go into debt to attend either school?

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