In yet another study, the Berkeley researchers invited a cross section of the population into their lab and marched them through a series of tasks. Upon leaving the laboratory testing room the subjects passed a big jar of candy. The richer the person, the more likely he was to reach in and take candy from the jar — and ignore the big sign on the jar that said the candy was for the children who passed through the department

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  1. Van L. Hayhow Says:

    This reminds me of a study written about in the Sunday Globe a while ago. They asked people how ethical they were and then gave them a scenario in which there was an ethical response, a neutral response and an unethical response (if I remember correctly). The people who described themselves as very ethical tended to chose the less ethical ways of solving the problem more so then those that described themselves as average on ethical behavior.

  2. Greg Says:

    Ditto driving, or so it appears on the street and in this study:

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