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Looking more and more like West Virginia University, the University of Virginia now…

… also suspends all fraternities.

But what are you going to do? Fraternities are designed for drinking and fucking. Riots and rapes are the totally unsurprising results.

Forget the routine sado-masochistic theater of hazing. That’s a trifle here.

But it’s your culture. If you’re UVa or WVU or Dartmouth or Arizona or whatever, it’s who you are. You won’t be able to suspend them for long.

Unconvinced? Look at the way Florida State and Penn State have responded, en masse, to their outrageous sports scandals. Look at entire local cultures, really, composed of journalists and police and lawyers and trustees and alumni designed to let sports-related miscreants do whatever they want to do. Penn State students rioted when their rapist-enabling coach was let go. Florida State students blocked the latest New York Times account of their foul football team. There’s nothing to be done with such places. Really nothing, beyond what people have done with notorious rape campuses like the University of Montana. They think twice about sending their daughters there.

Nothing to be done except this.

Margaret Soltan, November 22, 2014 1:49PM
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One Response to “Looking more and more like West Virginia University, the University of Virginia now…”

  1. charlie Says:

    Are there unis which don’t have a “rape culture?” They have to exist, do CALTECH, Harvey Mudd, MIT, rape their female students at the same rate as do WVU, UV, the Zona unis, on and on? I have to believe no, but then, the expectations of both undergrads, admins and alumni of the former schools are vastly different than those found at the rape schools.

    Point being, if you want to make boatloads of money, you cannot transform your uni into a place where scholars congregate. You have to pander to morons, who believe their undergrad experience should include the ability to float away hangovers in gigantic jacuzzis. Nothing will happen until an admin is prosecuted for corruption, and a non-profit loses accreditation….

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