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Absolutely. UD has said it for years – in the United States, you don’t need a university to have a university football team. Several American universities already are, for most purposes, football teams. Their presidents are their six million dollar a year coaches. Their trustees are ex-football players or football boosters.

So she’d suggest posing the question about the possible bankruptcy of Louisiana State University like this:

If there is no football team, would the school be able to field a fall semester?

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3 Responses to ““If there is no fall semester at LSU, would the school be able to field a football team?””

  1. Derek Says:

    In the fall of 1958, when Little Rock closed its public schools rather that acquiesce to another year of integrated (or at least desegregated) schools, a classic example of cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face, they continued to play football. Their team was a powerhouse — undefeated (or nearly so) over the course of a handful of seasons, with multiple state championships — but it did fall apart.

    So: precedent?


  2. john Says:

    wow. thank you, bobby jindal!!
    you sure have your priorities straight…

  3. charlie Says:

    Keep in mind that LSU, as nearly every other uni, has been on a capital projects spending spree, you know, spa like recreation centers, luxurious dorms, sidewalk cafes and sushi availability. All of it funded with public debt. Question is, what will happen when those bond holders want their money back, will the state usurp money from social services, k-12, pensions, in order to placate Wall Street? This is only the start, it’s going to get uglier….

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