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Laura: A Title IX Film Noir


CHE Lives! The Chronicle of Higher Ed
Proves the revolution far from dead.

The broadside published Laura Kipnis
A writer whose way-radical hipness
Lies in her willingness to use free speech.

She uses this speech not only to teach.
She actually writes that way as well.

Some of her stuff makes others feel like hell,
And these have, in the name of Title IX,
Placed her smack in front of a firing line:
A high tribunal looks for a trigger
For trauma or rage or something bigger.

But no worries, mate! As part of her prep
She got to designate a shadow rep,
A sympathetic Northwestern colleague
Speaking for her side about the intrigue.


Several weeks have passed since Laura’s trial
And her shadow rep has himself, meanwhile,
Been hauled up on charges. And when these two
Decide it’s time for them to counter-sue?

When people choose to point the trigger gun
For sure the fun has only just begun.


UD thanks Dave.

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One Response to “Kipnis.”

  1. charlie Says:

    Find it interesting that NU students would put together a protest regarding a prof’s article, but, seem not to so motivated regarding something else.


    The 2013 article points out that nearly 1/2 of all student loans are either delinquent or deferred. Article also indicates growing number of outright student loan defaults. That can be blamed on the uni policy of turning their students into cash cows.

    Reality is, 22 states, including Illinois, bar those with student loan defaults from having a driver’s licenses, or practicing certain professions.


    What’s going to affect all students more adversely, Professor Kipnis’ article, or their inability to drive or to practice a particular profession?

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