Laura Kipnis is apparently willing to spend the rest of her life trying to talk sense to her inquisitors. Color UD impressed.

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One Response to ““[B]ringing Title IX complaints over exceedingly minor errors in a publication you disagree with and naming them ‘retaliation’ is an abuse of the process. To then keep on pressing a bad case in public even after it’s been arbitrated and you’ve been told you’re wrong, is worthy of a correction.””

  1. Jack/OH Says:

    The $75,000 estimate for lawyers’ fees stuck out. 1000+ big English anthologies? Year’s pay w/ benefits for a junior prof? Two full-ride, four-year scholarships at an inexpensive state school?

    Don’t know much about the Kipnis affair except for UD’s mention, but I don’t see how this furthered the cause of learning.

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