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I’ll grant you that... But one thing all the highest-ranked schools know is that there’s always another school nipping at your heels, challenging your predominance…

And yes, you’ll say Indiana? What?

But the place has serious fire power, and the Florida syndicate had better take notice:

Indiana University safety Antonio Allen has been suspended from the football team after his arrest Tuesday on multiple drug charges.

A Monroe County jail spokesman said Allen was charged with dealing cocaine and with dealing heroin (over 10 grams) with a firearm.

Sure, the Florida Football Syndicate will point out that the other IU football arrestees over the last few weeks were nuthin. Nuthin! DUI, battery, bupkis! Plus Indiana football doesn’t have the entire legal and legislative apparatus of the state in their pocket, the way FSU and UF do!

Oui oui! C’est entendu! All UD is saying is that Florida’s institutions of higher learning should not rest on their laurels.

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