… (insignia here) keeps getting its siphoning system disrupted. In the good old days, government-money-funneling enabled its academic officers to make salaries in the tens of millions, but now – after destroying the lives of scores of dupes – the well is drying up. Things will be fine again once President Trump (himself a university president) takes office; but for now, Phoenix is enduring an “endless stream of bad news” (UD thanks Wendy for the link) in the form of business practice investigations, new rules about how you can’t take student money and say thanks fuck off, etc.

And that’s Phoenix. That’s the classiest of the for-profit ed tax-siphon lot. You can imagine how the rats are deserting at, say, DeVry, where, for instance, after collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars for trading on his reputable past, the disgraced Harold Shapiro got his ass out while the getting was good.

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4 Responses to “The way-classiest online for-profit tax-siphon, Phoenix U…”

  1. Bill R Says:

    I live near Portland Maine, where our local state university, the University of Southern Maine has a graduation rate of about 50%. They know, when they send out their admission letters, that the new students with admission scores in the bottom 25% or so have little hope of graduation.

    But they are happy to take their money which is borrowed with Federal guarantees just like the money going to the University of Phoenix. It’s the same tax siphon.

    So what’s the diff?

  2. anon Says:

    The University of Phoenix graduation rate was 5 percent, so the difference is apparently 45%.

  3. Bill R Says:

    But USM’s graduation rate for the bottom 25% of their incoming class is is probably no more than 5%.

    It’s the same tax siphon.

  4. Anon Says:

    That’s what social scientists call selection bias, Bill.

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