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Cosmic Convergence

Eight of the fifteen American university football teams that dominate the “most flagrant chaplaincies” list also dominate the “most team arrests” list.


Auburn University
University of Georgia
University of South Carolina
Mississippi State University
University of Alabama
University of Tennessee
Louisiana State University
University of Missouri
University of Washington
Georgia Tech
University of Illinois
Florida State University
University of Mississippi
University of Wisconsin
Clemson University



1) Washington State: 31
2) Florida: 24
T-3) Georgia: 22
T-3) Texas A&M: 22
5) Oklahoma: 21
T-6) Iowa State: 20
T-6) Missouri: 20
T-6) Ole Miss: 20
T-6) West Virginia: 20
T-10) Florida State: 19
T-10) Tennessee: 19
T-12) Alabama: 18
T-12) Iowa: 18
T-12) Kentucky: 18
T-15) LSU: 16
T-15) Marshall: 16
T-15) Oregon State: 16
T-15) Pittsburgh: 16
T-19) Arkansas: 14
T-19) Michigan: 14
T-19) Oklahoma State: 14
T-19) Purdue: 14
T-23) Auburn: 13
T-23) Colorado: 13
T-23) Kansas: 13

Margaret Soltan, August 21, 2015 10:50AM
Posted in: forms of religious experience, sport

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2 Responses to “Cosmic Convergence”

  1. John R Says:

    What can we make of the fact that all 25 of the schools with the highest arrest rates are state universities? (Well, OK, Pittsburgh is only “state-related.”) I take this as further evidence to support my belief that state-run universities are not a better idea than state-run steel mills. There are just too many considerations in play other than academic.

  2. charlie Says:

    Prisons have chaplains, so what’s the problem?????

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