… we can now add Calestous Juma, a Kennedy School prof laboring mightily to do the bidding of his corporate besties at Monsanto as together they make the world safe for modified crops.

UD ain’t claiming Juma’s a pioneer in the business of exploiting one’s connection to Harvard to fuck with research results and/or earn millions in questionable corporate and other supporting funds and/or let corporations write your papers for you; Joseph Biederman got there long before Juma, as did, allegedly, Piero Anversa, and good ol’ Marc Hauser. UD‘s only claiming that the tradition of selling yourself and Harvard to, uh, interested corporations continues to thrive at that school.

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  1. Anon Says:

    That Genetic Literacy Project is a trip — a very polished front for the GMO industry, complete with a rainbow (gay friendly!) header. But it wouldn’t be so successful if the anti-GMO crowd were not so incredibly science illiterate. That is probably why it has been so easy for Monsanto to recruit scientists.

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