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Edward L. Queen has a nice Jeff Bridges vibe…

going, plus his recent New Republic piece is a more than worthy addition to one of UD‘s most popular categories, Beware the B-School Boys. Gets a bit preachy at the end (“When a person’s worth is determined only by money, only by success as it is and can be monetized, when one has no sense of being without the BMW, the Rolex, the Armani suits, the yacht, etc, the moral flabbiness emerges. Indeed, it engulfs entire organizations and perhaps even entire societies.”), but one does tend to zoom out in one’s final paragraph…

[The idea that] the only duty of a corporation is return on investment [has now been] drilled into generations of business school graduates… [Further,] evidence suggests that not only are business students more impaired in their moral judgments in a broader sense than are those in other majors and professional schools, but that business schools themselves may be responsible.


SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL: UD has long argued that this would be a wonderful new motto for Wharton.

Margaret Soltan, November 5, 2015 6:51AM
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5 Responses to “Edward L. Queen has a nice Jeff Bridges vibe…”

  1. charlie Says:

    Y’all remember little David Horowitz? You know, the guy who penned The 101 Most Dangerous University Professors, or some such crap. If not, then maybe this might help….


    Davey boy has a touch of myopia, none of his dangerous profs come from business/law schools. Seems all those criminal academics reside in the liberal arts section of the campus. And people still listen to this dude…..

  2. dmf Says:

    charlie, that’s why that crowd listens to him, cognitive-biases rule the day here as elsewhere.

    elsewhere in the ever grim news:

  3. Jack/OH Says:

    “Corporatism”–the belief that the most important values derive from your job–used to be more modulated by religion, family, civic-mindedness, unions, ethnic affinities, education, etc. That’s my guess at least.

    Queen isn’t saying anything new. Plus, he omits the pressures of the regulatory environment that can turn yesterday’s business as usual into today’s felony.

    If he’s saying that corporate malfeasance is somehow endemic, well, I’m not going to disagree. I’ve known too many talented people who’ve left business because they feared being maneuvered into playing the fall guy for the higher-ups’ schemes.

  4. dmf Says:

    jack/oh sounds like capitalism:

  5. charlie Says:

    I don’t know dmf, my first degree was in Accounting. The general ed/liberal arts classes we were forced to endure didn’t strike us business majors as a menace to the larger society. Then again, it was a Jesuit institution, and if the conspiracy theories are correct, them folks are a sneaky bunch of Jacobians….

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