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Give, so that others may afford their medicine.

This fall, [Katie] Uva started an online fund-raising campaign to match a $1 million donation from Mr. Shkreli to Hunter in the hope of persuading the school to return the donation. So far, the campaign has raised about $800 from 16 donors.

Back in whenever, UD noted the embarrassing one million dollar donation Martin Shkreli gave his high school, a place affiliated with Hunter College. She asked then if anyone would do anything about it – like return it, or keep it and direct it to anti-Shkreli uses.

The school said and did nothing.

But with Shkreli’s arrest, things are hotting up a bit on that front. The New York Times today features a student (again, note that the moral courage here comes from a student, not the school) who has launched an anti-Shkreli fund-raising campaign.

Giving to that campaign seems to UD an easy and efficient way of responding to the tendency of this country to nurture monsters.

Margaret Soltan, December 18, 2015 8:25AM
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4 Responses to “Give, so that others may afford their medicine.”

  1. Van L. Hayhow Says:


  2. charlie Says:

    In his book “Missionary Position,” Chris Hitchens destroys the myth of Mother Teresa. He does it by proving that Terry was a money grubbing weirdo who had a penchant for blood money. One of her major benefactors was Charles Keating, a staunch catholic businessman who was outstanding at defrauding senior citizens. Mommy received somewhere north of a million dollars in donations from catholic Charlie.

    Law finally caught up with Keating, and he was tried and convicted. During the sentencing phase, Terry wrote an impassioned letter to the judge, describing Charlie’s charitable work and how much he had helped her serve India’s poor. The prosecutor shot back, stating that he didn’t remember Jesus accepting stolen money, and that if Terry really was truly a humble follower of JC, she should return the money. Neither acknowledgment nor funds ever appeared. If ‘living saints’ have a hard time parting with > $1 million, easy to understand why secular institutions have amorphous ethics when it comes to $$$ as well….

  3. john Says:

    I would think that what matters most is the use the money is put to, not who it came from.

  4. charlie Says:

    @John,Bondholders and Lincoln Savings and Loan depositors were suing Charlie at the same time he was giving their money to Mommy dearest. Mommy could have easily given the dinero back to those that could prove they had been grifted….

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