With an $8 million budget, but no toilet paper in the bathrooms, broken air-conditioned systems and a lack of computers in the classrooms, students are beginning to wonder where all this money is going at [Los Angeles] University High School…

Following salaries and utilities, the athletics program requires a large portion of University High’s overall budget, estimated [at] between $80,000 and $100,000 a year. LAUSD had left University High with the responsibility of paying for all sports-related costs, causing the school to go bankrupt.

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  1. charlie Says:

    So, people want to know what the Los Angeles School District has been doing with all that money. Well, they spent nearly $560 million to build one new campus….


    Another LAUSD sinkhole was paying over $1 billion for Ipads that didn’t work…


    John Taylor Gatto was right, what we think is an educational system is nothing but a mechanism for letting contracts….

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