Specially if he’s got a whole bunch of other good ol’ boys watching out for him. But whether he’s at Yeshiva University, where somehow somebody finally made the head honcho get the hell out, or the University of Louisville, where nobody’s managed it yet but they’re working on it, you’ve eventually got to find a way to give fulminatingly bad university presidents the heave-ho. If you don’t, the attention of the nation – and a legion of auditors – will eventually be so riveted to the institution that donors will stop donating and students will stop attending.

UD trusts that the governor plus some of the trustees will eventually be able to do the job at Louisville. But it will be bloody. UL’s president has anger issues.

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One Response to “It’s hard to get a good ol’ boy off his ass.”

  1. felonious grammar Says:

    They all have anger issues.

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