UD finds amusing the doublespeak the new policies generate. England has not only given schools the right to ban the burqa, it has given school inspectors the right to “mark down” schools where the burqa seems to hinder learning and interaction.

Outrageous! After all…

‘The veil doesn’t make pupils intelligent or not. It gives them their identity…’

The identity of fully veiled women is that of no identity. Your very mouth is covered. The identity is that of hushed invisibility.

And note the language: It gives them their identity. These are very young girls to whom an identity has been given long before they are even able to formulate the concept ‘identity’ for themselves.

But that’s just the point. The younger you veil them, the better.

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  1. Friday Link Encyclopedia | Clarissa's Blog Says:

    […] An academic ridicules the idiotic idea that burqas give women identity. Making women look exactly the same as an identity – building device is a truly crazy idea. […]

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