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A recent comment on the scandalous decision of the President of the University of Arizona…

… to remain on the board of for-profit Devry. And a reminder of one of the many benefits of big-money university sports.

DeVry wants [Ann Weaver] Hart for the U of Arizona name and prestige, not for Hart herself. She brings nothing to the table, certainly nothing worth $170,000 a year. The University of Arizona name and its international distinction belong to all of Arizona, not to her for her private benefit or for the benefit of a private entity. (Alas, any moral force the Board of Regents may have had is long gone since coaches regularly appear on local TV as hucksters for businesses wearing their Arizona logos and even with the student Wildcat mascot in the background of commercials).

Margaret Soltan, April 18, 2016 8:56AM
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4 Responses to “A recent comment on the scandalous decision of the President of the University of Arizona…”

  1. john Says:

    Hart’s right to a point. DeVry is not an educational institution.

  2. dmf Says:


  3. charlie Says:

    dmf, thanks for the link. So, the American taxpayer is ultimately responsible for the billions spent on public uni buildouts needed to entice unqualified foreign students to enroll. All the while said taxpayer cannot afford to attend their public unis because tuition is increasing in order to cover the costs of getting unqualified foreigners to come over and flunk out. And we pay admins how much to make decisions such as this?

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