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A hugely accomplished woman…

… using her expertise as an economist and her far-ranging speculative intelligence to improve the world, has been stabbed to death.

Molly Macauley, a vice president at the think tank Resources for the Future, was walking her dogs in the evening near her Baltimore home when she was attacked.

Her cv reveals a workaholic, a person profoundly committed to the care of the earth and environs (“No Free Launch: Analysis of Space Transportation Pricing”). An adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins, she was also (among many other responsibilities) on the board of advisors for the William & Mary public policy program.

Scott Pace, Director of the Space Policy Institute at George Washington University, said “her loss is a loss to all of us, whether family and friends, colleagues, or the community in which she lived.” In an email, Pace characterized her as “an incredibly intelligent, energetic, and caring person who brought both warmth and rigor to her profession and the space community. … She combined high personal standards with a willingness to mentor and care for others that is often too rare.”

Margaret Soltan, July 9, 2016 7:14PM
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