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He’s not even really doing it consciously, I don’t think: he lacks political training and, apparently, a conscience, and he is not, it seems, in sufficient control of himself to act otherwise. Trump tried to overpower Clinton onstage in the same manner that he dismisses every woman who’s not attractive and subservient to him — as simply the natural and best way of doing things, a matter of course…

And still, we are witnessing, parallel with Trump’s anti-woman assault — and likely exacerbating it — the ascendance of a woman to a height we’ve never seen in American politics before.

All women instinctively know – because they’ve likely experienced it – the kind of woman-hatred emerging out of a man’s resentment at female sexual power. If you don’t know what I’m talking about read Saul Bellow’s Herzog.

He saw twenty paces away the white soft face and independent look of a woman in a shining black straw hat which held her head in depth and eyes that even in the signal-dotted obscurity reached him with a force she could never be aware of. Those eyes might be blue, perhaps green, even gray – he would never know.

But they were bitch eyes, that was certain. They expressed a sort of female arrogance which had an immediate sexual power over him; he experienced it again that very moment – a round face, the clear gaze of pale bitch eyes, a pair of proud legs.


And likely exacerbating it – yes. UD predicts that once Trump loses he’ll pioneer America’s first female genital mutilation movement.

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