The Eagle: The ultimate American symbol.

Football: The ultimate American game.

The lineup!

… Philadelphia Eagles’ … wide receiver Josh Huff was arrested on the Walt Whitman Bridge on Tuesday and charged with speeding and possession of marijuana…

… Huff was in possession of [an unregistered] gun.

… Linebacker Nigel Bradham faces charges after he was caught with a loaded gun in his backpack in a Miami airport last month.

He also has been charged with assault in connection with a July incident during which he allegedly hit a hotel employee in Florida.

Wide receiver Nelson Agholor was investigated when a stripper alleged sexual assault during a visit to a Philly strip joint in July. No charges were filed.

Offensive lineman Lane Johnson is serving a 10-game suspension for use of performance enhancing drugs.

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2 Responses to “Our American Gladiators!”

  1. theprofessor Says:

    Pay me what these guys make in a single year, and I will

    1) retire early, freeing up a place for an eager young scholar

    2) swear off alcohol forever. The other stuff I don’t use. Make it two years, and I will give up coffee too.

    3) give UD my varmint rifle and any air pistols and paintball guns we have lying around

  2. Greg Says:

    Once I did 2) for awhile. It surprised me that coffe was harder.

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