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Here’s the awkward truth.

There are enough overt racists among the students at Texas A&M to make the appearance of white nationalists there not that scandalous, not that surprising.

“When I heard about the Aggie European Alliance, I was disgusted; however, I was not surprised,” said graduate student Lia Epps.

Wonder why not.


The school has responded strongly (counter-demonstrations) to this guy’s appearance, but there’s no denying that, if you’re an American fascist trolling for recruits, making Texas A&M – rather than, say, Hampshire College – the first stop on your speaking tour is a good career move. Texas A&M specializes in worshipping naughty naughty naughty white boys.

Margaret Soltan, December 7, 2016 8:39AM
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3 Responses to “Here’s the awkward truth.”

  1. Greg Says:

    My son is a Hampshire graduate, a skeptical kid, hardly nostalgic for his college days, or a fan of alum activities or groups. But, recently, he told me he has been very proud of the school’s recent protests and was active on social media in support.

    That supposedly educated people can see reality so differently continues to seem unreal to me while, of course, being a major pillar of current reality. It goes back way before Ronnie and Mommy, and, in a more open way, the GWB people publicly tearing up whatever membership cards they ever had in the “reality based community.” You can step off a 30 story ledge and assert, even believe, you’re flying until the concrete rises up to meet you. Certainly, this is not something that just started in the late campaign that seemed to drag on for centuries. But like a falling object at 32 feet/second squared it speeds, headlong, toward an anarchy of thinking.

    The Thanksgiving stories of cancelation of family dinners reminded me of nothing more than the divisions — deep, long crevices over fault lines in families– that opened up in this country during the Civil War and in the years before.

    But, on this blog, nothing new to see here, just move on. Thanks for a space to vent a little, even if in an unoriginal way.

  2. dmf Says:

    didn’t see this coming:

  3. theprofessor Says:

    If there really were a bunch of overt racists at A&M, it seems very strange that they did not flock to hear this guy. The article suggests that none of the handful of sympathizers who showed up was obviously an A&M student. It sounds as though his message is falling on stony ground indeed.

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