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Wyoming, McDowell, and Boone, and Mingo:
These four no-count hollers all add up to… BINGO!
Get set for a lesson
From Mr McKesson
America’s greediest chairman, by jingo.

Shipping oodles and oodles of Oxy
To the poor and defenseless takes moxie.
While they die addicted
From what I’ve inflicted
I’m hoarding my bucks from the proxies.

Let’s toast West Virgina, my friends!
Let’s toast my obscene dividends!
And thank-you to the villagers
From our “most rapacious pillager”
Your trustee, John H. Hammergren.


[UD thanks Dirk.]

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2 Responses to “A message from John H. Hammergren, one of our trustees here at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.”

  1. dmf Says:

    yer welcome, thanks for the context/links and the rhymes, these rapacious bastards remind me of the struggles to shut down the beer stores in Whiteclay NE where they are still poisoning the poor folks from Pine Ridge, signs of the times I suppose.

  2. JackOH Says:

    I’m 50 miles from the northern West Virginia panhandle. Good people there, and at least one charming college (Bethany).

    My libertarian instincts on our drug laws are getting beaten to a pulp by the OD/suicide epidemic. But, I think there’s some fragmentary explanation I’ve read that DEA scrutiny of GP/FP and pain management clinics’ prescriptions have forced some people on to the illicit street market. Fragmentary, as I said.

    My county’s OD deaths are very high. Did anyone see this coming?

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