… or just, you know, philosophically antisemitic, we’ve got this newly released correspondence with his brother.

[T]hese personal letters … expose him as a bona fide, unrepentant anti-Semite. They also show that — in contrast to prevailing beliefs — the Freiburg professor was politically well informed, and was an early and passionate supporter of National Socialism… As the letters now show beyond doubt, this was in no way the decision of an opportunistic careerist or the oblivious aberration of a political ignorant — as has been argued for decades in the philosopher’s defense. The familiar apologetic assumption that Heidegger adhered to a private, idiosyncratic notion of National Socialism, allegedly free from any form of racism, should be laid to rest.

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One Response to “In case you’re still keeping track of whether Heidegger was REALLY TRULY SCOUT’S HONOR anti-semitic…”

  1. dmf Says:

    so much for the “death” of the author in philosophical analysis, doesn’t begin to really address issues of how one should read his works, what would be the testing procedure for what is and isn’t antisemitic in them and or what uses they may, or may not, be put to?

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