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UD takes no position on his suitability for the court. But THIS she likes.

What also stood out was [Neil Gorsuch’s] ban of laptops in the classroom. He forbade students in his [University of Colorado] legal ethics class from using computers — an unusual move within law schools, where laptops are ubiquitous.

The computer exile was intended to eliminate distractions, boost engagement, and prompt students to listen carefully to each other, according to Jordan Henry, a second-year Colorado law student who took Gorsuch’s course last semester. And it was so effective that Henry voluntarily stopped using her laptop in several other classes.

“When you close the computers and get rid of distractions in class, you respond to each other and bring up counterpoints,” she said. “It makes for a true discussion and a much more engaged class — and frankly a more interesting class.”

Margaret Soltan, February 4, 2017 8:53AM
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One Response to “UD takes no position on his suitability for the court. But THIS she likes.”

  1. dmf Says:

    well enough, what’s more disturbing is the number of law profs (left as well as right) who keep praising his academic style judicial chops without considering the impact of such decisions on the lives of the people impacted by these judgements.

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