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2 Responses to “A Reclaimed Poem Reclaims Westminster Bridge.”

  1. dmf Says:

    I had hoped, apparently in vain, that given their history with terrorism that the Brits wouldn’t be as vulnerable to anti-muslim propagandizing as we are. Perhaps it’s just part of being all-too-human to react, in part, to these sorts of horrific acts with hatred and paranoia. Sometimes I don’t think that wars so much end as just simmer under the surface like volcanos.

  2. JackOH Says:

    Can UD work in a piece on whether the educated English have an especially high regard for poetry? If so, is there an explanation?

    I’ve somehow got it in my head that every college-educated Englishman carries a ready store of verse within him to which he can refer from time to time. I suppose I got the idea from knowing about the WWI-era poets, upmarket novels, hearties vs. aesthetes stuff at Oxbridge, and so on. But, I actually don’t know if poetry has some special importance for the English.

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